msmd advisors provides responsive, credible and flexible services to its customers, from enterprise organisations to IT vendors, and those requiring due dilliegence analysis. It offers truly independent advice in a professional but accessible manner on aspects of information management software and strategy. Focus areas include Business Intelligence (BI) and big data, enterprise search, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), intranets and portals. Whilst msmd advisors is a relatively small organisation, over the last two years it has advised some of the biggest organisations in the UK and Europe.

  • Enterprise Customers

    End user organisations require credible analysis and advice to help them make the best business decisions. Working closely with vendors and having an overview not only of the range of information management technologies, but also of enterprise deployments of the software as well, means that msmd advisors can direct organisations to the most appropriate software solutions that will address their business needs. From independent product analyses, shortlisting and procurement support, to bespoke consultancy projects, msmd advisors provides the tools and advice organisations require. Please contact us for details.

  • IT vendors and service suppliers

    Software and services vendors need intelligence on market trends beyond the ‘numbers and forecasts’, and an impartial critique of the products and strategy, With its close contact with enterprise organisations and other opinion makers, msmd advisors can deliver on those requirements. msmd advisors can provide Soultion Assessments and Service Assessments, which are structured and comparative analyses of products/services, in addition to White Papers, and Keynote speaking. Please contact us for details.

  • Due Diligence

    Investors in IT software and services companies require reassurance about the credibility and prospects of an offering they are hoping to support. msmd advisors can provide an unbiased opinion on products and services, based upon 30 year's real world IT experience. Please contact us for details.