Mike Davis

Principal Analyst

Since its inception in June 2012, msmd advisors has advised businesses, government bodies and Universities across Europe, in the US and New Zealand. In addition its Principal Analyst has presented at conferences and vendor events in the UK and Europe. Mike Davis has written White Papers and undertaken the technical due diligence on multiple projects including, an eight figure out-sourcing project for a large financial services organisation.

Before becoming an analyst Mike Davis spent 18 years working within and for the UK National Health Service managing IT and telephony services for both community health trusts and the ambulance service. He was instrumental in setting up the NHS Direct telephone advice service.

Mike spent six years as an analyst with Butler Group, and then prior to establishing msmd advisors , a further six years with global analyst house, Ovum. His career as an analyst has included a range of advisory and consultancy projects for both enterprise organisations and software vendors. 

Focus area's for Mike's research and msmd advisors commercial engagements, have been information management in general, content management, big data analytics, information governance and increasingly the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (#gdpr) in particular.

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msmd advisors staff and associates were seasoned IT practioners before they started their analyst careers. Biographies and CVs will be made available as requested.



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msmd advisors always works under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and can provide such an agreement if required.

At the completion of a project it will request written permission to cite the organisation as being a client of msmd advisors.

msmd advisors does not commercially endorse any product or service, and msmd advisors' opinion will always be independent.

In respect of personal information msmd advisors conforms to the provisions of the UK 1998 Data Protection Act, and its associated EU equivalents (and when enacted the EUGDPR!).